WxH: The story of our name

You might be wondering why WxH? What does it stand for?

We were inspired to create a solution to a problem that we had, figuring out how to layout our pictures and art on our walls. We did a lot of measuring and a lot of math and often found ourselves asking each other "What's the width?" or "What's the height?".

Unfortunately, we made some mistakes along the way. But we knew that the experience of decorating walls could be so much better.

SO we decided to make a solution that would make it enjoyable and easy to decorate walls.

WxH simplifies Width by Height

WxH is the simple solution to all the design, measurement, and math of designing wall layouts. It does all the hard work, letting you enjoy the process and journey of decorating your space.

We're currently working on our beta release. If you'd like to be one of the first to use try our solution, we'd love to have you join our beta testers.