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Our top art stories for July 2022

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Art Stories July 2022

This month we're exploring the unexpected in art. Unique objects, perspectives, and how art can be part of play. Enjoy!

Unexpected paintbrush portraits

Finding art and inspiration in unexpected pieces.

What was once an unused tool is now a source of beauty and story. Artist Rebecca Szeto has been working on this ongoing series Paintbrush Portraits exploring Art History, figures long forgotten and a meditation on themes.

We really enjoy this series for helping us look at objects in a new light. We are full of curiosity about the lives of the women captured in these paintbrushes.

Women of surrealism

Looking for a good story?

In Gloria's Call, filmmaker Cheri Gaulke illustrates Gloria Feman Orenstein's discovery of the forgotten women of surrealism. You'll meet artists Leonora Carrington, Leonor Fini, Meret Elisabeth Oppenheim, and Jane Graverol.

We hope you'll enjoy this highly engaging, endearing, and educational short (16:46).

Learn the art of shadow puppetry

Looking for entertainment, inspiration, and art?

Learn shadow puppetry from Japan's Edo period! Created by Utagawa Hiroshige in 1842, these omocha-e (toy pictures) were intended as instructions for children as part of his Shadow Making series. In addition to the illustrations, there are written suggestions for enhancing the performance with props like "open your fingers within your sleeve to move the owl’s wings."

You can see more of his works online at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.


If you have some favorite articles and stories about art, let us know! We'd love to feature them on our blog and newsletter.

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