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Our top art stories for December 2022

Art Stories December 2022

You'll find art in the most unexpected places. Spy these on a walk in a city, in a movie, or in a gallery. Enjoy!

Art hiding in plain sight

If you're visiting New York City or Paris, then you may be interested in trying to find some art hiding in plain sight in these cities. Lori Zimmer, a former gallerist, has two books that take you on art-sighting journeys. For a peek at what these books have to offer, try Eight Works of Art Hiding in New York City or Eight Works of Art Hiding in Paris.

Art in set design

In “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” one of the central characters is a rich jerk. To signal his wealth and ostentatious persona, production designer Rick Heinrichs and his set decorators used art as an extension of his character. Look closely and you might discover a Mark Rothko - upside down! Something that could easily happen when an individual buys based on money and perceived cache.

Art capturing doppelgängers

Walk through art history and you might find some familiar faces. These portraits are striking doppelgängers, look-alikes, to some celebrities you will recognize.


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