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Our top art stories for August 2022

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Art Stories August 2022

A little bit of everything this month! Research showing that online art viewing improves well-being, a Taiwanese music video inspiring famous artists, and a guide to help you choose how to paint your walls. Enjoy!

Viewing art online improves well-being

Researchers have found that even brief viewing of art online can have positive effects. Benefits include "lower negative mood, anxiety, and loneliness, as well as higher subjective well-being." This study shows that regardless of the form, in person or online, individuals can benefit from viewing artwork with the most positive feelings being associated with viewing meaningful or beautiful pieces.

Blue chip meets Taiwanese R&B

Jay Chou, an art-loving Taiwanese pop star, meets and inspires famous artists in his "Greatest Works of Art" music video. How is Magritte inspired by apples? Where does Dalí think of melting clocks? Watch to find out!

Using color to change your perception of your space

Beyond artwork, changing your wall colors can make a big impact on how your space feels. This ArchDaily article provides a great set of examples with illustrations so you can see how colors and their arrangements can influence your space. Enjoy!


If you have some favorite articles and stories about art, let us know! We'd love to feature them on our blog and newsletter.

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